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Wall Mounted

  • Art No. :-1105
    Lotion Dispenser Square SS
    (Wall Mounted)
    Art No. Size
    1105 400ml
  • Art No. :- 1108
    Lotion Dispenser Oval SS
    (Wall Mounted)
    Art No. Size
    1108 500ml
  • Art No. :-1115
    CP Lotion Dispenser
    Ocular (Wall Mounted)
    Art No. Size
    1115 500ml
  • Art No. :-1120
    Lotion Dispenser Vintage
    Big (Wall Mounted)
    Art No. Size
    1120 900ml
  • Art No. :- 1125
    Lotion Dispenser Classic
    Small (Wall Mounted)
    Art No. Size
    1125 200ml
    1127 500ml
  • Art No. :- 1130
    Lotion Dispenser Classic
    Twin (Wall Mounted)
    Art No. Size
    1130 200+200ml
    1131 200mlx3
  • Art No. :- 1135
    SS Lotion Dispenser Vista
    (Wall Mounted)
    Art No. Size
    1135 600ml
    1137 1000ml